Bandvulc has been recycling worn out truck tyre casings and turning them into high quality retreads for almost 50 years, initially in Kingsbridge but more recently at their manufacturing site in Lee Mill where we employ more than 450 people.

In fact, over 70% of UK supermarket deliveries are delivered on trucks that are managed by the companies 360 fleet services operation that runs 24/7/365. So your eggs, milk, bread and beans got to the store because of how we managed the fleet.

Our own fleet of 30 trucks delivers Bandvulc retreads and Uniroyal truck tyres which we sell exclusively across the UK as well as bringing over 500,000 casings back to the factory for inspection. Each time a truck tyre casing is retreaded 80% of it is reused; this gives a saving of 68 litres of oil, 30kg of rubber, 20kg of steel and 60kg of CO2 over a new tyre.  Even the rubber we buff off the casing gets fed back into new tyre manufacture. It really is recycling at its best.

We also operate a small chain of retail stores offering tyre service - Tyre Maintenance Ltd. covering from Washington down to Luton and R&J Strang Ltd for Scotland.

In 2016, the business caught the eye of the world's 4th biggest tyre manufacturer Continental who bought the business and have continued to invest ever since. Today, on site we are manufacturing robots to help the efficiency of our sister plant in Germany.

Today, someone can join the local operation where we operate apprenticeships and can move to over 500 locations worldwide as one of 235,000 employees. Our IT team have locally developed several bespoke software systems to manage casings, to manage fleets, to capture tyre performance & to warn if tyre pressures drop on a vehicle hundreds of miles away.

Devon is a brilliant location as it offers a base of hard working, skilled people across a wide variety of roles who enjoy both working for a large corporation but also like a healthy outdoor lifestyle in superb and beautiful surroundings.


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