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Known as the Fitbit for cars and vans.


“Devon’s clear air, wild beaches, rugged moorland and rolling fields have been a constant inspiration to the development of our world-leading in-vehicle fleet cleantech,” says Rupert Lyon Taylor, MD of Lightfoot.

 “Today, we work with retailing giants, such as Tesco and Asda, cutting their carbon footprint by thousands of tonnes at the same time as increasing mpg, reducing accidents on the road, and cutting costs through less vehicle wear and tear.

Rupert Lyon, CEO

Rupert adds: “All this has become possible, because we think differently. That’s part of our DNA and it’s one of the main reasons that we’re attracting outstanding talent to our green, connected car and cleantech revolution right here in Devon.”

Lightfoot – known as the Fitbit for cars and vans – has a team of over 60 and is based at the purpose-built Innovation Valley on the outskirts of Chudleigh. It’s a story of a business that pivoted to create a solution that has transformed the way fleets are being managed.

Rupert explains: “When we started out, we developed a game-changing electric motor that dramatically improved van efficiency. The trouble was, instead of being more efficient, drivers were using the motor’s extra power to accelerate more aggressively. We realised that the problem wasn’t the van, but the driver.

“That’s when we created Lightfoot, to enable and reward fleet drivers for being better,”

Rupert Lyon, CEO

“Today our in-cab dashboard-mounted device is guiding over 80 thousand fleet drivers to a smoother, safer, greener style of driving, not because they are being told to be better, but because they want to be better. With prizes of up to £200 a week on offer for ‘Elite Drivers’ in The Drivers’ Lottery, and a host of other leagues to enter and prizes to be won, we’re rewriting the book on fleet management. That’s the Devon way of thinking.”

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