Devon has some of the most beautiful landscapes and wildlife in the UK from its beautiful Dartmoor National Park to the Wetlands Devon has its own bustling ecosystem.

Started in 1962 by local people with the initiative to create ‘safe havens,’ for surviving wildlife and starting to bring back wildlife that Devon has lost due to its rapid expansion such as the slow re-introduction of the beaver back to the UK. This is done all while the charityDevon Wildlife and their committed volunteers educate people to enhance peoples knowledge of their surrounding eco-system inspiring love and care for the natural environment.  

Working harder than ever the Devon Wildlife Trust stands with the 46 other Wildlife Trusts as a team which is dedicated and works for something they are truly passionate about and make a constant difference inspiring hundreds of volunteers each year to take an active approach to their local wildlife and showing the overwhelming natural beauty Devon has to offer. 

Steve Hussey has worked for Devon Wildlife Trust since 2003. Steve said “To me Devon Wildlife Trust feels like the right place to be. To work for a charity whose aim is to protect the wild places and wildlife of the county I love is the perfect fit. I’m proud of the work we do for Devon’s nature and for its people.”  


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