Rockfish restaurants celebrate the very best of local and sustainable seafood with a menu of local fish, freshly fried, grilled or cooked on the plancha, plus a lot more, from cracked crab to scallops in the half shell, from fried local hake to whole sea bass depending on the season, unlimited fresh cut chips, salads, garlic bread, sundaes and whipped ice creams. Everything is available gluten free and there are dishes for the vegetarian and vegan diner too.  The drinks include great wines chosen by their sommelier, their trademark Seafood Coast beer, cider and gin as well as locally pressed juices


Behind the theatre and chic styling is an ethos grounded in sustainability and understanding the importance of safe-guarding fish for future generations & promoting the community & resources; including ‘Ocean Protector’ Kids packs, taps for water outside their buildings helping reduce plastic waste. Not only is their fish from sustainable sources, but founder Mitch Tonks is also UK ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council.  With a great training programme, good opportunities and pay and even a paddle boarding club Rockfish is no ordinary hospitality job. Being on England’s Seafood Coast and close to the most amazing local fishing ports where we buy our fish daily means we can deliver that morning’s catch to served that day.

“It’s easy to see why Devon is so rich in great restaurants and great experiences and for us being on the coast is unparalleled. The produce grown and harvested here, the stunning coastline and the quality of life that goes with living and working right by our wonderful coast. Being a positive force in our community and working great organisations from the RNLI to Wave UK are part of our DNA and we take great pride in showcasing what we do and why we choose to be here to all locals and visitors alike’ 


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