The pull of the sea


Salcombe Distilling Co was founded by two friends with strong connections with Salcombe and fond memories of enjoying a gin and tonic at Salcombe Yacht Club after many a day sailing in their teens.


Some 20 years later Howard and Angus were both looking for a change of career and aspired to have their own business whilst being able to enjoy a ‘Devon lifestyle’.


They were passionate about the art of distillation, had an affinity for Salcombe, a stunning South Devon coastal town, the drive to produce outstanding products and believed that Salcombe and gin could be a winning formula.


Salcombe Distilling Co creates exceptional gin with real provenance at its waterside distillery on Island Street in the stunning coastal town of Salcombe, drawing on inspiration from the sea and Salcombe’s heritage. Location, provenance and heritage will always be important to the company and many of the botanicals used in its gin can be traced back to the global maritime trading routes and cargoes once carried by the Salcombe Fruiters in the 19th century.


“Devon offers an exceptional lifestyle and I absolutely love living and working here,” says Howard Davies, co-founder of the company, which is already enjoying phenomenal national and global success, just two years after selling their first bottle of gin.


“It is a truly beautiful place to live with its fantastic coastline, moors, rivers and a warm climate in which to enjoy these. In addition, we have a creative, innovative and hard-working population here, who strive to succeed with new and dynamic companies who work together to create a collaborative and inspiring business environment”.


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