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Outdoors and Leisure

Where to start! With extensive moor landscapes, two distinct and varied coastlines, a rich heritage and diverse environments, Devon naturally is a playground for outdoor and leisure pursuits, something for everyone.


North and South Devon coast have some great spots to surf, catering from beginners to advanced.

Walking / Coasteering

South West Coast path, Dartmoor / Exmoor walks.

Cycling / Mountain Biking

Recreational and competitive e.g. Dartmoor Classic.  Mountain Biking trails at Haldon Forest and designated routes on the moors.

Sailing / Yachting

Recreational and competitive with clubs, moorings and dry storage facilities throughout the county.

River and Sea kayaking

(River Dart is up to grade 4 in parts) – very popular recreational sport with some ‘competition standard’ river runs on the River Dart.

Horse Riding

Very popular competitive sport / leisure and wellbeing activity.

Motor Boating

With so much beautiful coastline there is plenty of scope for responsible boating.

Rock Climbing

Some challenging coastal drops, plus the Tors for beginners.

Paragliding / Kitesurfing

Wind powered sports are growing in popularity with some great landscape and coastline to choose from.


Some coastal towns have rowing clubs. A great community-based sport with regular competitions for those wishing to take part. 

Beach Based Pursuits

Free and family friendly.

Camping / Outdoor survival

100’s of sites available and some outdoor survival challenges and experiences are on offer.

Sport Events

With outdoor and leisure pursuits a plenty in Devon, it should be no surprise that some of these are now competitive. As expected, traditional sports feature highly, amplified by Exeter Chiefs continued rugby success.

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