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Quickes Cheese

Nurturing the Quicke family’s land in Newton St Cyres near Exeter since 1540, we have been making clothbound cheese for five generations.

A perfect balance of heritage and innovation

We use our years of experience and skills to distinguish the flavour profiles of our cheese, to capture the best expression of the Devon grass, soil and seasons.

​We take enormous pride in creating great things from the land and delivering them to others in ways that create enjoyment. Our cheese is the perfect expression of this, it is our crown. At every stage of its creation we strive for greatness, and it all begins with the land. The red Devon soil, the gentle rain and warmth of sunlight give us lush pasture to feed our specially-bred cows. In turn they give us the very best milk, a true expression of the landscape from which it came.

​With over a century’s experience between them, our expert cheesemakers use all their senses to individually craft every cheese by hand. The recipes they follow date back generations; each batch of cheese is started using a starter culture that has remained unchanged for decades, delivering their own spectrum of flavours. The cheese is then clothbound and placed in the cool quiet cheese store where it is left to mature.

​We make a selection of award winning cheddars, cheeses and whey butters, the by-product from the cheese making process.

​From our classic 2-year old Vintage Cheddar to our delightfully different Goat’s Milk Cheese, our range is a balance of heritage and innovation. 

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