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River Cottage

Hugh-Fearnley-Whittingstall is the man behind River Cottage cookery school, dining, kitchens and bespoke events.

River Cottage

A unique dining experience

Hugh’s famous food ethos first hit Channel 4 in 1999, ever since, River Cottage’s hard-hitting campaigns have changed the eating habits of the nation and helped improve the welfare and sustainability of animals and fish.​

River Cottage HQ in Axminster is a thriving 100 acre organic small holding and base for the River Cottage cookery school, unique dining experiences and bespoke events. As well as a HQ in Devon, River Cottage has three award winning kitchens in the South West, where they share their passion for food integrity and consumption of local, seasonal produce with tens of thousands of people every year.

​River Cottage HQ has exciting expansion plans which will help to boost the Devon economy as well as providing exciting new employment opportunities. 

​Devon provides River Cottage with highly skilled staff from growing produce through to preparing meals, as well as an abundance of beautiful countryside to rear animals and crops. River Cottage are proud champions of the best local producers and cooking seasonally and sustainably.

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Supported by Devon County Council