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Riverford Organics

Riverford was founded when Guy Singh-Watson started growing organic veg on the family farm in Devon, with a wheelbarrow and a borrowed tractor in 1987.

Riverford Organics

Live life on the Veg

His pioneering veg box scheme now sends out around 50,000 boxes a week to a loyal band of customers who share his commitment to fresh, seasonal food, produced with respect to customers, staff, farmers, livestock and the environment.

From the start, the business has minimised its environmental impact, from the way food is grown through to how it is packed and delivered. You won’t find crazy supermarket-style cosmetic specifications; just beautiful, often wonky veg, that is grown for flavour. Our mission is to provide the best of the season. Spuds like your grandad used to grow, the crunchiest cauliflower and the carrotiest carrots, all delivered to your doorstep with minimal fuss and unbeatable quality. And better yet, it’s all 100% organic.

Having been badly treated by supermarket buyers himself, Guy agrees prices with farmers in advance, and gives them a guaranteed market for their produce. Twice voted BBC Farmer of the Year, Guy is a true veg expert and writes about sustainable farming, the politics of food production and better ways of doing business in a weekly newsletter. In June 2018, Guy passed the reins of Riverford to its staff, choosing employee ownership as the best way to protect Riverford’s ethical values for the future.

With a reputation for doing things differently, Riverford is perfectly located in Devon away from the noise of the city and with the freedom to act and think as we think is right. Being out in the beautiful Devon countryside is not only good for growing tasty organic veg, it’s also provides the perfect work-life balance for the Riverford co-owners, many of whom take lunchtime strolls around the farm and surrounding area.

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