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Securious helps its clients use cyber security to open new doors, protect their reputation and keep customers across Devon, the South West and beyond happy by helping them improve systems, achieve accreditations and educate their teams.


We love living in Devon and doing our bit to support the region’s growth as it becomes a thriving tech hub full of innovators and disruptors.

And who can be surprised by this – from Exeter’s quaint old streets to Dartmoor’s ancient beauty, from the breathtaking coast paths to our many award-winning beaches, there is no shortage of reasons for people to make this county their forever-home.

And as exciting new businesses are born here every day, new IP is developed, data is collected and money is made. But just because Devon feels like a magical fairytale world – and in many ways it is – bad things do still happen: there are still the same risks to IP, data and finances as there are everywhere else, because no one is immune to cyberattacks.

That’s why cyber security needs to be part of our ecosystem. We’re well distanced from much of the rest of the country and having a resource to deliver it in the region is hugely important. We’re working with some exciting and fast-growing businesses based here in Devon, who recognise the value of good cyber security and are embedding it early on in their journey.

They enjoy the cost benefits of working with a local supplier who is on hand to help them whenever needed. In many cases, we’re only up the road and are familiar with the businesses in our community and how they operate. We can pop into their offices for a chat, and respond far more quickly when we’re needed than the big national players ever could. 

“We set up Securious because, from Lands End to Bristol, there is a huge deficiency in cyber security businesses who can deliver the same standard of service as the national players, without requiring the huge expense costs that come with bringing experts down to the south west for days or weeks at a time.

We want to service our region and provide maximum value for them – whether this is in forming a long-term partnership, as you would with an accountant or lawyer, or just helping them achieve their required level of accreditation.

We also take pride in employing local talent, keeping skills in the region and offering great opportunities to graduates and experienced professionals in the South West.”

Roz Woodward, Securious CEO

Securious’ services range from assessments of where you are now (like cyber security audits and penetration testing), to support in helping you get better (like our bespoke Cyber Security as a Service packages and cost-effective staff awareness training), all the way through to supporting you through accreditations (like Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001) and helping you ensure you’re compliant (with the likes of PCI DSS).

We’ve also recently launched Monikal, our SIEM solution, which logs and monitors everything that happens on your network, flagging suspicious activity and letting you detect and respond to cyber threats in your systems.

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