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Sungift Solar

Solutions for a low carbon way of life. SunGift Solar designs and installs top quality, bespoke clean energy solutions, including solar PV, energy storage, LED lighting, and EV charging.

Sungift Solar

Founded in 2005 by clean energy entrepreneur Gabriel Wondrausch, SunGift is Devon’s best established solar energy business, serving commercial and residential customers both in the region and nationwide.

HQ is found in Huxham near Exeter, a glorious rural location with proximity to major routes including the M5 and A30.  Unsurprisingly, the offices are powered by renewable energy and the company’s fleet uses only fully electric cars.

Solar energy businesses have come and gone but family-owned SunGift has stood the test of time, with its core ethos of providing top quality systems designed with proven expertise and experience, and an emphasis on consultative services to ensure every system is exactly what’s needed.

SunGift now has a team of over 27, including surveyors, system design engineers, installers and project managers, and is increasingly attracting new blood to the sector through apprenticeships and graduates with renewable energy and engineering degrees. 

Although commercial projects span the country, SunGift has worked locally with a range of notable Devon names, including Quickes Cheese, Darts Farm, Exeter School and the Met Office. The SunGift team is always keen to talk to near neighbours about helping them to achieve their green ambitions. 

Solar energy is here to stay, and recent developments have made it more accessible to the wider population. The sector is in a better position than ever before; the technology has improved beyond measure, it’s more affordable and there are progressively more options to combine technologies making it even easier to achieve a low energy lifestyle.

Significantly, rather than making changes simply to tick the ‘green boxes’, SunGift’s clients now tend to be genuinely interested in the environment and reducing their carbon footprint – a huge step in the right direction.  

“The Devon way of living and working has always been at the heart of the business, which is driven by the need to make the planet a better place. There’s an innate ethos here that pervades all we do and our ambitions to continue making a difference whilst running a sustainable and successful business.”

Gabriel Wondrausch – Founder

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