It's not challenging to find a decent cyber security company who can help you build resilience if you are based in London, Manchester or Birmingham. But big cities and big businesses come with big price tags and since Devon is home to such a thriving community of innovative start-ups and disruptive businesses, it seems mad that they have to travel miles to find the services they need. 


We set up Securious because, from Lands End to Bristol, there is a huge deficiency in cyber security businesses who can deliver the same standard of service without requiring the huge expense costs that come with bringing experts down to the south west for days or weeks at a time. 


We want to service our region and provide maximum value for them - whether this is in forming a long-term partnership, as you would with an accountant or lawyer, or just helping them achieve their required level of accreditation. 


And on the other side of the coin, you have Plymouth University, teaching and inspiring a new generation of cyber experts seeking a career in this exciting space. They fall in love with Devon, whether for Dartmoor’s ancient charm or the coast’s stunning, rocky landscapes. 


Then, when they graduate and try to find a role that lets them continue living the dream in Devon, they realise that actually, there’s such a shortage of jobs down here that they’re better off moving to Cheltenham or the capital. 


It seems so unfair: why should such incredible talent need to leave this amazing region to find the job they want? 


We’re working closely with Plymouth University to ensure that some of these rising stars can do what they do best in the place they love best. We snap up these brilliant young people, train them and help them grow and achieve all they would if they left the south west. 


Here at Securious, we are all living the Devon dream, while helping local businesses build resilience and supporting local graduates in their careers and beyond. 


What’s not to love?


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